About Us

Our Vision is to maintain an enriching, student-run program that is able toprovide opportunities in the world of esports through competition, organization, and learning; to field teams that can compete at the highest levels of play; to encourage individual excellence in performance and character; to aid in social preparation of young people for the diverse world they are about to enter; to create an awareness of public service and the importance of participation in community outreach and charity; and to provide members of Penn State Esports opportunities to address every area of relevant interest to the best of the organization’s ability.

Our board members have been involved and invested in this club for years. We have been working very hard over the summer and during this semester to make the club as fun and competitive as possible for all esports athletes. We have some exciting things planned for this year and years to come, including more support for our twitch streamers, our intercollegiate LAN tournament in the spring, and building a dedicated game space on campus in the future.

Executive Board


Mitch Scavo

Vice President

Mark Cisluycis


Owen Ritchey


Haydne Golden

Media Organzier

Justin Walker

Chair of Board


Justin Walker



Nicholas Ferretti


George Liu

Website Developer

Rickie Cheng