We Are...

Penn State Esports, a collection of passionate gamers who have been growing since our inception in 2011, from ten students to our current size of over a thousand students. We operate through our community discords, with a main server to function as the student hub and associated servers for individual competitive games and communities. We provide opportunities for students to engage in the world of esports through competitions, events, community, and career development. We encourage individual excellence in performance and character and provide resources for our students to compete at highest level of play, both on the national and international stage. We promote an inclusive and enriching community like no other at the university, with a deep network for undergraduate students, graduate students, alumni, and exchange students. It is our goal to combine the interests of likeminded students everywhere and give them a community on campus they can call home in the larger family of Penn State.

Our Vision

We will not be complacent with the status quo of our organization. As the esports industry is rapidly growing and dynamic, we will be the same way. It is our mission to continually enhance and expand the Penn State esports scene so that every incoming freshman class will be better off than the last. Whether its through engaging events, competitive support, or career opportunities, we wish to become a pipeline for the students who were as passionate about esports and gaming as us to pursue their dream. We wish to be rooted in Penn State culture and the Penn State story, bringing the same opportunities to everyone no matter where they are from.


Our board members have been involved and invested in this club for years. We have been working very hard over the summer and during this semester to make the club as fun and competitive as possible for all esports athletes. We have some exciting things planned for this year and years to come, including more support for our twitch streamers, our intercollegiate LAN tournament in the spring, and building a dedicated game space on campus in the future.


Owen Ritchey

VP of Marketing

George Liu

VP of Operations

Hyunmin Kim

VP of Competition

Isaac Robles Jr.

VP of Finance

Lawrence McKenny

Chair of Board


Justin Walker


Nicholas Ferretti


George Liu

Website Developer

Kenton Hertzog

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Penn State Esports?

Penn State Esports is a recognized Club Sport at Penn State University, University Park Campus. We are a student-run organization competing, connecting, and engaging in all things esports. We are composed of many divisions that each represent an established esport, all connecting through an executive board that leads the overall club.

What does Penn State Esports Do?

We provide communities for all kinds of students to meet like-minded individuals and make new friends. For casual gamers, we do events around esports, video games, lounges, watch parties, and even just social gatherings. For those more competitively focused, we provide passionate environments with students determined to compete and win at the highest level, competitive analysis, VOD reviewing, coaching, intramural play, and career development. By using our large alumni network courtesy of Penn State, we also provide opportunities to students who wish to take their careers into the esports industry.

Who is Penn State Esports Open To?

Although we are PSU esports, we offer way more than a competitive experience. Anyone of any skill or interest level is welcome to join. Joining could not be easier! Start by going to our discord with this link. From there, find your game of choice and get caught up to speed. Every division offers casual play, LANs, tourneys, and more! If you have any questions, reach out to the listed division head!

What is a Division?

Divisions are an individual game’s community. Our most popular divisions include the likes of League of Legends, Rocket League, Valorant, and Overwatch! Each division will have either one or two division heads who are responsible for their division's growth and operation within the larger club.

Are there rank requirements to try out for competitive teams?

For most teams, there is not. Some do require it because the governing body they play for only allows one team per school, but for many of our divisions, they make as many teams as there is interest! We hold tryouts for every team at the beginning of the fall semester sometime after the involvement fair. We will always post in our discord about when tryouts are happening so keep an eye on the announcements!

How do I get involved?

Join the Discord, that’s it!

What if my game is not a division?

Not every game is represented, and for that reason, we will typically create community chats in the discord upon request. To form new divisions, you will need to find a total of five students interested in forming a community and let one of the executive board members know. We will then hold an election for the division head, and you will officially become a division!

Are player scholarships available?

Scholarships are not available at this time.


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